Escuincla babosa!
Cristian :), maybe it's not the chicken, but what's in the chicken

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my hair is so gorgeous,  I am living!!!

I want to be a pretty flower

Anonymous asked: My dad is from this South American country called Guyana. There's a lot of Hindus and Caribs who live there. The language my dad speaks is Guyanese creole. Would you consider people from guyana to be Latino?

Some would say yes, others no, apparently it’s more considered part of the Caribbean, I wouldn’t say no tho. 

Anonymous asked: Please check out Misspelled on YouTube and tumblr. It's a show about women of color that are witches. The show needs 75k to continue making episodes and they need it by sept 28. Please check it out and spread the word. Thank you. Ps they only have a little over 7,000 :(

wasn’t everyone on tumblr so excited for that show and then they didnt watch it smh.


Mariano Ontañon - Dolce&Gabbana F/W 2014

this movie is fucking me up…

So this guy’s secret lover died, no one knows tho, and now he sees his ghost. Even though he died, he can now finally spend time with him and it’s sortve cute, but that’s his ghost, omg.

“Anaconda” turns Nicki’s butt into a literal force of nature, causing earthquakes in a jungle setting. After parodying the idea of exoticism by opening on a jungle scene, she shifts into a workout setup with comically small weights. All of these setups make the same point: Nicki’s body is the modern ideal. And because Nicki is spitting rapid-fire jokes the whole time she is onscreen, it’s impossible to feel like she’s been reduced to a mere body.

This is confirmed by what comes next: Nicki squirting whipped cream on her tits, fondling a banana, and then slicing the banana with a maniacal laugh. Cutting up a metaphorical dick onscreen makes it even more clear that the “Anaconda” video is about Nicki asserting her power, not as a sexual object but a sexual subject. Both the suggestive choreography and the song’s lyrics, which recount a series of sexual encounters, double down on the fact that Nicki has all the power here, and that she can show as much of her body as she likes and retain all that power.

Nicki Minaj Reclaims the Twerk in the ‘Anaconda’ Music Video « (via shewalkslikethunder)


hey u know what’s cool? being mexican